A game where the host tells a story about a really stupid thing they have done, and the other players have to bet on whether the story had occured when the host was a kid, or drunk. After the players bet, the host reveals the true story.
Host: -I ate a full packet of cinnamon because I thought it would taste good, then I threw up in the middle of the living room while crying my eyes out. Drunk or kid?
Player 1: -Drunk!
Player 2: -KId!
Player 3: -Drunk!
Host: -Kid. I was nine years old and I was hungry.
by wildwasteland December 26, 2014
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A game played where someone will say something ridiculous they have done and the other person will have to figure out whether they have done it because they were drunk, or if they are just kidding.
by newbzoors August 24, 2010
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