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When drunk dialing just insn't enough because the person who you tried to drunk dial didn't answer their phone or you are just so beligerent that you need to talk to more than just the people in your phone.
I didn't have his phone number, so I drunk emailed him...
by JenAJ November 03, 2005
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Drunk emailing (drailing): while completely inebriated you foolishly believe 1) You're a prolific writer. 2) You're Poetic. 3) You're a comedian. 4) Not saving your sent messages will save you from complete and total embarassment - this only leads you to wonder what the heck you actually did say after typing for two hours. 5) Spell check hides your obvious drunkenness.
Sending a drunk email at 2am after drinking a 40 ouncer of vodka and hoping to endear yourself to your new man (or woman) by revealing past sexual exploits, and foolishing thinking he/she would be turned on after reading how you 'made it' with the entire band.
by drailer May 16, 2006
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