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The uncontrollable placement of the tongue half way out either corner of the mouth, usually signifying complete and total concentration of a particular task. Drummer Tongue is most often witnessed when a drummer air or professional is knee deep in a fat solo just straight working the drums. The phenomena of drummer tongue is not isolated to drummers, in fact Drummer Tongue has been witnessed on many prominent world figures and other career professionals including but not limited to the following:

President Bush (thinking of what to say mid speech)
David Hasselhoff (driving Kit from Night Rider)
Snoop Dogg (rolling a tight spliff)
Brain Surgeons (anything with your head open)
Professional Bowlers (preparing for a strike)
Professional Boxers (unloading a furious combination)
UFC Cage Fighters (performing a submission)
Drunken College students (trying to hold a conversation)
Porn Stars (working dat @$$)
Airline Pilots (mixing their drinks)
Bomb Squad team member (defusing a bomb)

Dude 1: OMG!! Look at that dork playing the air drums on his steering wheel! He thinks he’s Tommy Lee!

Dude 2: Woaaahh!!! He’s rocking the f#ck out!! Oh no way! He’s even got Drummer Tongue!!

by DunkMonkey August 08, 2008
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