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A game, popular among teens, in which the participant fills his lungs with water as a source of natural high. Once he has nearly drowned, his friend attempts to perform CPR on him. If it is successful, the two switch roles and repeat. Usually the source of water is a swimming pool or body such as an ocean or lake, but other methods have been employed, such as pouring a two-liter bottle of water into the nose. Other names include CPR Game, Kiss 'Em or Miss 'Em, Funeral Game, Two-Liter Game, California Wave, California Waves, Oh Fuck, California Roulette, Dead Kid Game, Ertrinkenspiel, Juego de Ahogamiento, Hockey
Guy 1: "Dude, let's play Drowning Game!"

Guy 2: "OK, what's that?"

Guy 1: "I'll show you. Let me get the two-liter."

Guy 2: "What?"

Guy 1 *returns, pouring a two-liter bottle of water down his nose*: "Like this!"

Guy 2: "What the fuck, stop doing that!"

Guy 1: "It's OK. You'll do CPR on me."

Guy 2: "I don't know CPR. Fuck, stop doing that."

Guy 1 *drowns*

Guy 2: "God damn it."
by Ertrinkenspiel October 09, 2011
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