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1. A richly historied meta-phrase with deep roots in the annals of literature. It is said to transcend meaning. Misusing it is considered a grievous faux-pas among literary adepts.
2. Derived from the rapper-maxim "drop it like it's hot." When one "drops a crispy," they have waited too long to drop the hot object, and now they are all burned up.
Person 1: "Greetings, fellow. How fares the wind in your sails?"
Person 2: "I got the rolly on my arm and I'm pouring Chandon, And I roll the best weed cause I got it going on."
Person 1: "That sounds superlative. Did I mention how much I like your loafers?"
Person 2: "Sorry, could you repeat that? All I heard were roaring flames as you started Droppin Crispies. We can't be friends anymore, man."
by ElevenSecretFlavors September 24, 2010
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