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When someone has a low hanging bottom lip or when someone flicks another person's bottom lip.
Harry : Yo mama is fat
Mo : Your droplip looks like the red carpet! *hits Harry's bottom lip*
by ZK Willz May 22, 2016
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Verb. A childish and unhappy reaction to a certain situation that does not go the way in which the subject wanted. The phrase originates from the face a baby pulls when they're upset.
Nic was dropping lip because his girlfriend denied him a blowjob before bed.


"Brad, don't drop lip because your dick's too small, just be glad that girls have a back door."
by Knot Reel March 08, 2016
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In a situation, a comment or phrase is said and it is so insignificant, dumb or unrelated that the listener(s) actually react with a potruding dropped lip. Hence the name Drop Lip.
A- Did she just come for you?
B-(drop lip) i think she did!!
by Luckie Minati July 04, 2010
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