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Droopy Mouth Syndrome aka (DMS) is a condition that affects individuals when they're in the presence of a woman who embodies the ' 3B's' (Beauty, Brains and Body). Her presence causes somatical impairement which causes pangs, penury, tretfullness and fidgety jitters. Curmudgeons who pitch for the beef industry are significantly affected. Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy are the only treatments that can help repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve their qual;ity of life and help the person change and overcome their morbid jealousy.
The symptoms of Droopy Mouth Syndrome:
-Drooping of one side of the face
-Numbness & tinglimng
-Pain & discomfort
-Muscle twitching, cramps & twitching
-Popping sound of jaw when attempting to close the mouth
-unusual facial expression
-Blank stare
-Decreased appetite
-Difficulty standing, abnormal gait
-Constipation, distended stomach
-Anxiety, confusion & excessive sweating

Jiro: "WTF is wrong with Sullen, she looks she's had a bitter pill?"
MC: "IDK, she's been like that as soon Hailey walked in"
Jiro: "Oh, look, it's not just her, look at the other women over there, they look like stunned mullets as well"
MC: "Shit, that fishy smell must be coming from their end"
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by Ball tamperer May 17, 2018
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