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Droop Magoop

An ugly ass girl that is controlling and thinks that she has the answer to anything and everything. This girl on most occasions doesn't wear a bra and allows her nasty breasts to sag for all to see beneath her thin t-shirt. She makes it known that all those who drink are fools, because she doesn't. Nothing is too hard for a droop magoop, for a droop magoop believes that all their problems will be taken care of by those around her. Most despise a droop magoop; but on occasion a poor helpless soul will be caught in her web of lies and b.s. and we isolated with her forever. They also feel it is necessary to name animals dumb names like "RU" or "Skittles".
1. A Droop Magoop will capture a close friend and isolate him like a lone dog in a room. This friend will completely change is attitude towards mostly everything, and at times ignore his long time pals.

2. All worldwide disasters are caused by a droop magoop.
by Dr. J ready to play January 14, 2010
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