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A small town north of Chesterfield and south of Sheffield, most people in this small town are inbred, mums and dads were related long before marriage.

For such a small town it also has a high percentage of closet homosexuals, particularly in the woodhouse area.I Suspect a lot of the closets move here because the pub known locally as "The Jolly Farmer", the name really does do it justice, it holds gay nights but all are welcome so the closets can bring their inbred families and look without touching. If you want to touch ask around the town centre for a guy called GAY A, he is inbred and well known.

The home office advice to non-residents is to take extreme care if you drop something. It’s recommended that you leave it unless you have someone watching your back. If you have no one to watch your back and the item is of such value that the inevitable consequences are acceptable it is recommended that you clench your buttocks with sufficient force to crush a brick, you have been warned.

“I would like to sleep with my sister so we’re moving to Dronfield”

“I dream about taking him up the Dronfield but don‘t tell my wife's me sister's me aunty's mother”

I’m off to the jolly for a perv at a Dronfielder”

"i'm off to to Dronfield to see GAY A"
by rednecksarefunny October 29, 2008
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