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In the Game Battlefield 2142, players who choose to play the squad leader roles and with the correct unlocks can use two different drones on the battlemap.

These drones float or hover just above the squad leaders position above head height.

A feature of the game is EMP strike which effect the drones, when hit by one from either an EMP strike from the commander or EMP grenade the drone will drop to the ground.

Squad leaders are then able to stand on top the drone, which due to the programming of the game resulted in the drone wanting to constantly be above the squad leader.

This resulted in the drone lifting the squad leader an infinite height above the battlefield
or to reach tall buildings normally inaccessible.

It was normally regarded as a glitch by the general number of players and banned on most public servers

Patches Released by DiCE (Maker of the game) has vitually eliminated this but it can still be done with the use of low ledges.
Player 1: where are they shooting us from
Player 2: from the top of that building
Player 1: how did they get up there
Player 2: Drone Surfing
by Dean Athow February 25, 2008
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