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It's what "THE MAN" does. When he's walking and a girl passes, he punches her playfully in the arm, or tickles her, without saying anything. He continues walking and makes little comments or fun gestures to the many girls that he knows.

Mostly male-oriented, but it can also be done by a girl in a playful wave or wink.
I was walking with Tony the other day, and he didn't hear half of what I was saying because he had stopped to squeeze Sarah's sides. I can't stand having to repeat myself because of his constant driveby flirting.
by CherryPepsiLove December 16, 2009
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1. Verb: to holla, honk, throw semen, whistle, cat-call, clap, or perform any action that attracts the attention of a sexy male or female whilst driving, skateboarding, air-gliding, zip-lining, or travelling in any fashion, at a such a high speed, that the targeted sexy male/female has almost no chance to respond to said action.

2. Noun: the illest shit yu can do when itz Fridaay night and u ridin shotgun in yuh boy's pimped OUT ride cuz you see sum bitchez that R out of controllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
1. X: Why is there SKEET in ma hair???

Y: You just got hit by a driveby flirting!

X: I still got it!

2. Smartest man alive: "Fuck Black Ops imma get me some Driveby Flirting tonight"
by numuves April 12, 2012
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