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A call that you make when on the drive to work or when on a long drive on the highway. Typically on a "drive call" you are really bored and have a default "drive call" buddy. In this call you are very likely to complain about your boss or your job or just about your life in general. Sometimes on this call you are talking about business deals that will never go through because the intent is really just a "drive call". It should also be noted that the "drive call" recipient can sometimes be someone that you would otherwise not call and in desperation of your long trip car boredom you will even call that one person that you really would rather watch desperate housewives in 90 degree weather than to have a conversation with that person. "Drive Calls" usually end abruptly and that is when the caller arrives to their destination.
Caller: Hey Yanky, sup?

Yanky: not much,

Caller: sup?

Yanky: nm, u bored or something?

Caller: yeah, on my way to work, jut placing a drive call. U know.
Yanky: o, got it.

Caller: sup?

Dukes: ur on ur way to work?

Caller: howd u know?

Dukes: we're drive call buddies.
Caller: sweet
by simsterbimster April 24, 2015
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