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A Drinking Game invented in room 3072 of Algonquin College's Residence. Involves turning pictionary rules into drinking rules.
Drink when:
You Guess wrong
10 seconds pass with no guessing
When someone guesses correctly everyone except for that person drinks
If 2 minutes pass and no one has guessed the word, the artist must finish half a beer.
person: emote? (wrong, drink)
person2: kirby? (Right, everyone else drinks)
person3: (after drinking) my turn to draw?
This is drinktionary.
by JerseySix November 01, 2009
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The act of drinking whilst playing the game Pictionary.

Shots must be done when a team gets passed on the board. The team that is now ahead must do the shots.
If a team lands on a square already occupied by another team, both teams must do shots.
>> So what's Drinktionary?
>> Its just Pictionary, with drinking.
>> You came up with a whole new word for that?
>> Yup.
by Rofl_Waffle December 14, 2011
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