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drinking game involving halo, ever time you get killed in halo you drink, therefore after several games of halo its very easy to get killed and so on you get even more drunk until your out of alcohol or your way to wasted to play. there are some extra rules to the game
1.)if you get stuck by a plasma grenade you have to drink the entire beer.
2.)if you get killed after a killing spree you dont have to drink for that death
3.)suicide drink double
4.)betrayal drink double
5.)if you kill a person with a sword you choose who drinks
6.)running riot or higher your immune to drinking for that game.
7.)double kill give two drinks, triple give three, killtacular give four, kill frenzy give five, and so on and so fourth.

Dude, I got really crunk playing Drinktacular.
by Dwyer and the pimps March 25, 2006
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