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An Identification Card (ID), which you use while drinking. This ID should be separate from your driver's license. The drinking ID is used so that, in the event that you lose your ID, you won't have any worries.
John: Hey, how was your weekend?
Pocahontas: It was great, I got REALLY drunk though and put my ID into the cash machine, thinking it was my debit card.
John: OMG, what are you going to do, I guess you'll have to go to the DMV.
Pocahontas: Yea, I will eventually. It was just my Drinking "ID", I still have my driver's license. I just need to be sure I get another one before I go out and drink heavily again.
John: OH GREAT, let's go out again tonight, I heard that Jamestown has great drinks!
by RockStarV July 09, 2013
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