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The belief Of Drezz creatated the galaxy by eating to much matter in the universe and puking up the matter creating planets.

Then when he was all alone he created a ploy for Kalacans (Humans) to follow him. Then he Created the "Judgment" were a man in a colorfull robe will see if you go to Popo(hell) or Cleantz(heaven)in cleantz thier will be 71 sydney's and a virgin.If yo go to Popo you will have your greatest desire thier but it will be out of reach. when Drezz was done with that he made himslef the semi-virgin Wife named jessica. After he made this ploy for the Kalacans to belive he created them. The main use of them were just for entertainment. He controls every aspect of thier life.

Drezz lives on a Klacan life span but is reincarnated everytime he dies. You are also required to pay drezz 5 dollars every day you are alive.
I worship drezzology, Hopfuly i can get To claintz for those 72 sydneys!
by Drezz is your god April 09, 2008
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