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A person who is a dullard, a boring bastard, a typical below average consumer, public house dweller, someone who exists and just that. Will never proffer an opinion that is ever out of the ordinary, or will ever achieve anything. One who exists rather than 'lives'. Just a 'breeder'. Someone who says the most obvious thing and only the obvious; "Spaghetti looks like worms". Obvious + Oblivious to their own presence, and the uncomfortable air that they generate. A person of lesser intelligence or capability or someone who is foolish - especially (typically used) in Sunderland U.K.
Look at that Dreylord, having to buy the latest iPhone. Look at that Dreylord, his socks don't match. Some Drey(lord) parked in my usual parking space.
by The Sage like presence May 28, 2018
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