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1. (noun) Latin name: Drewsius Powersium. A rare and intriguing species of ridiculously handsome young men commonly found in the Pacific Northwest, a typical Drewsius Powersium will spend much of his day at various musical endeavors, including (but not limited to):
-possibly ukelele.

His main diet consists of toast, juice, 1% milk, and the pizza he fashions while miraculously working his opposable thumbs. Half-nocturnal, one might, in a moment of extreme good luck, bear witness to the nightly mating call this species will sometimes make on their primitive cellular apparatuses.
(Jeff Corwin): And here we have a specimen of Drewsius Powersium... careful, it's a testy critter! Ohps, he got my finger..

Ahh man, so we went on this camping trip down in Portland, and I SWEAR we almost ran into a Drewsius Powersium! Scariest moment of my life, dude, i'm tellin' ya, he was all ready to own up on my ass.
by absolutelyfelicious January 31, 2006
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