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Can be a name for a male or a female.

MALE: Very bold and sexy rich man that loves all the girls, and yes all the girls love him. You have nice abbs and you are exelent in bed. You are very populer and you know it! you know your hot and are full of your self!!! You are very outgoing, and you love blue eyes.

FEMALE: Petite, outgoing, funny girl. If your name is Drew you are boy crazy! You flirt all day, but still you know you are thinking about that special someone, that you love. you are a heartbraker! And your laugh is funny sounding. You dont sneeze alot, and you are a very good kisser. You are Beautiful and Talented. Everyone loves you and wants to be your friend!
..................Drew Barnes....................
by sk8r boi June 19, 2009
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A girl name. She is beautiful and errisistable!!! all the boys love her, she is never shy and very funny. she always makes you smile!!!
Shawn: Wow Drew Barnes looks really georgous today!!
John: Shes irrisistable!!
by starstruk June 19, 2009
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