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1) a rap group featuring two entreprenuer rappas Corncob and white chocolate. There are many hits from this bnd such as babys last breath, corncob, carl motherfucking ass rudd, and even features from Andrew Brown.
2) Andrew Hines's dad who likes to wake kids up with antics such as "my computer short curcuited and no has a error message that says WAKE UP, "andy-rooooo your compters out of its cubby, under his wing,YOU DRUNK ALL THAT MT> LIGHTNIN and more.....
1) Damn Corncob from Drew Hines is a hot rapper, but holy shit White c, makes the girls get horn* every time he busts a rythme.

2) Boys dads here, and his name is dreeew!
by Timm Mcgraw January 22, 2004
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