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The Dreek Language founded in 1995 in Rockville, Maryland by two 12 year old kids. Sars & Dricles real name Aris & Ricky. The Filipino & Greek connection started. The language is English derived mixed with Greek & Filipino sounding words.

The Duo also founded the new mint candy known as "Smint" and also responsible for the great Scander Irai known as Scanti Canti Anti!
Dreek Language phrases such as "What the" is used in Dreek as "Swus Duh" and evolved into such slang as "Swoooos Dooo" and crying noise of Bwaaaaa into Bwaaaaaz into Bweeeeeeeeeeez.

"Warning" please do not try if your not fluent! (English)
"Swarnising splease zu nost sry if sur nost flusent! (Dreek)

by DreekSars4ever April 10, 2006
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