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A person who attempts to discourage or stands in the way of someone else pursuing their dream.
Audrey was a dream crusher, when she crushed Connors dreams by telling him he would never be able to do it.
by ChickenMcBuckets April 06, 2017
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when you get someones hopes up and then quickly let them down.
mark was told he could go but then eric said u can't therfore mark had a dream crusher
by centrios July 02, 2006
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When some gets your hopes up only for them to publically broken and humilatied.
Scott, the dream crusher, told the youth they had a chance against the staff team.
by #trueword January 30, 2015
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Someone who tells you that you won't ever be able to do something.
Even though I'm not able to go to the I'm Still Music Tour by Lil' Wayne, I still like to hope that I can.
Victoria: You'll never go to his concert.
Ell: Fuck. You. Dreamcrusher. I don't do that to you.
by Samieee February 16, 2011
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