A cruel punishment. You tie each limb of someone to seperate horses, and make the horses run away from the victim, tearing him apart
by Jesse Denning October 16, 2003
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The penalty for high treason in England, to be hanged, drawn and quartered was a common occurrence during medieval times. Although it was abolished in 1814, this form of execution was responsible for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of deaths.

First, the victim is dragged on a wooden frame, called a hurdle, to the place of the execution.
Second, the victim is hanged by the neck for a short period of time until nearly dead (hanged).
Third, the disembowelment and castration occur, where afterward, the entrails and genitalia are burned in front of the victim (drawn).
Finally, the body is divided into four separate parts and beheaded (quartered).
If you want a good example of someone being hanged, drawn, and quartered watch the end of the movie Braveheart.
by loldamn November 28, 2009
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