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A measurement of Drama or Whineyness, usually conveyed by means of electronic communication (Text, email, Facebook Posts, Tweets, etc).

The actual measurement of a dramabyte is double the actual data size of the text or communication (For example, a 6 KB SMS is 12 Dramabytes - a 3 MB pic of drama, that's over 6,000 dramabytes.) mainly because of the pain in the ass it is to read such messages.

A persons cell phone or internet service provider may begin to limit dramabytes at the option of the user, see examples.
"I can't see your text messages, but i'm above my dramabyte limit this month."
"Stop posting this shit, you're flooding my device with millions of dramabytes. It's overloaded."

"Oh God, the stupid bitch is a Dramabyte Denial of Service attack every time you see her."
by CPL_Sal March 17, 2015
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