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Sir Francis Drake High School ( home of The Pirates) is a stoner school. You will find the best weed possible at Drake and if you want to have a smoke sesh, go to the bathroom during any class and find yourself some dumb freshman with juuls and you are set. Don't be afraid to talk about weed with your teachers or security guards or principles as they are all fat stoners. If you want to get an A simply smoke out your teacher and you're g. You will spend most of your lunches walking to Redhill and steal at Safeway and come back with nothing else but candy. Drake's teaching system (TLC) is the gayest, most retarded thing ever created, your kid will loose 2 years of educations and will watch WW2 movies instead with naked people running around and you will do 5 projects in 2 weeks but never know how to do a project or what it's for or when it's due. Sir Francis Drake is the most White American place ever, with no cultural differences exept for the 3-4 illegals but they are lonely so it doesn't matter. Mr Wilkerson and Senor Jose are the coolest teachers in school and not being friends with them is the dumbest thing you can do. The drake sports suck major ass, the only thing redwood is good at is Waterpolo, they are i think top 3 in country. In Football they have a bunch of midjets who you can just push with your pinky and tennis,track,soccer,basketball we dont hear much about. Drakes biggest rivalries are Redwood and Marin Catholic.
Senior- "I go to Drake High School "
Adult- "You are stupid then aren't you?"
Senior- "No as a senior I am in Stat"

Adult- "You are RETARDED"
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by ak47ahmad May 08, 2018
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