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A cross breed between an Alaskan kodiak bear and a dragon. Dragon back half and bear front half. They have a crazy stinger on their tail. Known to grow to heights of 80 feet tall and run at speeds of mach 1. They warm eachother up by breathing flames. They eat whole cows in one bite. Weasels are their favortie snack(30 at a time). The only protection from a dragonbear is to wear 120% cotton or to have pudding. If they are very angry u want to wear 140% cotton and cover your legs with pudding. They hate pudding. They are very rare, there are only about 8,000,000 left in the wild. Their urine is 250% alcohol.
O man, here comes that Dragonbear!!!!!!!! Better get the pudding!!!!
by Pussybeard Dickmustache April 26, 2008
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