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When any drug (most commonly Heron) is injected, it creates a welt and when the substance is constantly injected to the same point it creates a horrible infection
In Requiem For A Dream Jared Leto's character Harry Goldfarb gets a horrible Dragon Bite from his constant heroin abuse
by junkietilIdie January 24, 2010
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Victoria, B.C. slang for double nostril piercings; if you Google it, chances are no results for such things show up, or if it does, it will show up as double snakebites/double spiderbites. (Four piercings located on the lower lip, two to a side.)
Person 1: "Bro, check out that girl's two nose piercings!"
Person 2: "Yeah, I've always thought dragon bites were sick,"
by DubstepPanda May 16, 2011
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Commonly used referring to 4 lip piercings on the lower lip ( 2 on each side) , sometimes called viperbites or double snakebites.
person no.1 : " Hey man nice double snakebites, when did you get them done? "
person no.2 : " Uhm I was told these were called Dragonbites? "
person no.1 : " Ah well, theres so many different names for lip piercings these days, its ridiculous"
person no.2 : " I know right? . . . Anyway I just got them done "
by Plague Angel 666 February 04, 2011
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