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1. A female antagonist on the Venture Brothers. Birth name Sheila, worked as a stripper or exotic dancer through college. Currently married to The Monarch whom she met at a party hosted by her then-boyfriend Phantom Limb. She now helps Monarch in his crusade against Dr. Venture. Usually dresses like Jackie Kennedy but will occasionally put on a butterfly-type outfit. Has a rough sounding voice often attributed to smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day.

2. Any female who has to put up with their boyfriend/husband while he makes his rounds through comic-cons and cosplays and things of that nature. These women will often hook up with random strangers just to get out of the building for a while.
1. If she really worked at it, Dr. Girlfriend could kick way more ass than any of the other villains on that show.

2. Nick:"Yo, Jeremy, I just scored with a random chick at the Hilton!"

Jeremy:"You mean at the Hilton that's hosting Comic-Con?"

Nick:"Hell's yeah! I started talking up this Dr. Girlfriend while her man was busy with his trading card game. She gave me head and everything just so she could gets the hell outta there."

J: "Solid."
by Dr. Freeze January 07, 2009
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