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So-called doctor who chose to inject a lethal amount of drugs, including the anesthetic Propofol, into Michael Jackson's body, thus causing him to go into cardiac arrest. People who say Michael killed himself are loons, because for one, Murray PRESCRIBED an anesthetic as a SLEEP AID, because apparently he hadn't heard of, oh, Ambien. And, Michael had no idea A) how to hook up an IV, B) how to put medicine in the IV, or C) how much of the drug cocktail he would need to die. So no, he didn't kill himself. And the death was not of natural causes, so Murray killed him. I mean, jeez. Murray made personal phone calls in the time between when he found Michael Jackson not breathing and the time he called 911. I don't know about you, but if I found someone NOT BREATHING on a BED, I would put them on a floor and administer CPR, and if that didn't work, call 911! But no, first Murray calls his mommy, or whoever, then he calls other people, THEN he calls 911, THEN he administers unnecessarily violent CPR on a BED.
The Drug Fairy did NOT sneak into Michael Jackson's bedroom and O.D. him, people, so accept that Conrad Murray murdered Michael Jackson and hope that he will be charged and convicted for his B.S.
MICHAEL JACKSON'S LAST WORDS: Can I have some more of that stuf that makes me sleep? I really just want to sleep. Please.
DR. CONRAD MURRAY: Well, hmm. This big rich famous pop star just asked me to give him a lethal dose of Propofol. If I say no, he won't pay me. But if I say yes, he'll die painfully.

But if I say no...he won't pay me.

*hooks Michael up to his DEATH, walks away, whistling, daydreaming about all the stuff he's gonna buy with Michael's money*
by I Hate Murderers January 02, 2010
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