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A former model who decided to go to med school to become a plastic surgeon. Extremely book smart woman (need to be going to Harvard and UCLA). She presently is a very successful plastic surgeon and has her own line of make up referred to as MD Glam. She also basically has a trophy husband who enjoys taking random photos of her. She enjoys showing surgeries on Instagram and tends to show the process quite thoroughly and they are quite interesting. However, she tends to be insecure about her life and appearance where she responds to almost all criticism and proceeds to often bring up how hard it was to get to where she is (in an effort to seem motivational). She constantly is getting plastic surgery on her face to go along with her clearly fake chest in an effort to look like she’s still in her 20s despite being over 40, but as a plastic surgeon there is a degree of showing off the stuff you do and to show how good it can look. She also enjoys showing off the stuff she owns including all of her expensive heels, car(s) and overall lifestyle (which is typical of social media “celebrities”). She also has a daughter that, while adorable, Dr Cat tries to emulate her life into her kid instead of letting her daughter eventually become her own person (ie giving her surgery based toys and having her attend tennis and piano lessons as she has done in the past).
While her heart is in the right place and there isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind she’s a hard worker , if you read between the lines, Dr. Cat Begovic is an insecure, boastful, selfish woman who feels the need to take pretend candid photos on a regular basis
by Chauncey6723 May 29, 2018
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