Phase used to describe something that is good for you supposedly.

Originated from the Dr. Steve Brule skits from Tim & Eric Awesome Show.
by SherlockBrolmes May 29, 2010
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your mental health is non existent. you are unstable and you need to seek professional health.
hey dude how’s your mental health?” “it’s non existent.”
by a homeless rabbit May 12, 2021
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The most important type, r.o.i wise, of health you will ever have.
Do not turn to astrology or your zodiac to help your mental health recover
by Sexydimma June 29, 2024
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A 21st century idiom that is meant to serve as a stark warning for humankind. Let it be known that "bones" and "willies" literally pose a significant threat to ones health and well being... lit-er-ally. Whilst it may seem prudent to dismiss this admonition as nonsense or propaganda, I'd ask you to reconsider. The originator of this phrase is a visionary with diabolical intelligence and magnificent intuition... like that of a gypsy wizard.
When the world learned that bones & willies are bad for your health, there was mass confusion. The tension became so thick you couldn't cut it with a knife... it was like a wall.
by "JE" October 15, 2017
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