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Dr Taste is not person.
It is an idea,

a feeling,

It is royalty,

It is a bum.
Dr taste is a way of life
Dr Taste is state of mind
It is a soul,

a heart,

a mind
Dr Taste can not be discribed by the closed minded
Dr Taste is the true form of happiness
it is Jesus
it is Stalin
Dr Taste will not stop it's crusade

Dr Taste will stand for the truth

and stomp on the lies
Dr Taste is everything you ever dreamed of and more.
Dr Taste is your consciousness and subconsciousness

Dr Taste is your city
your country
your planet

your universe

Dr Taste
Person A: dude my parents died.
Person B: Dr Taste.
Person A: Your right they are in a better place.
by harken7 July 25, 2009
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