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The greatest thing Neil Patrick Harris has ever been in. It it a Musical Comedy, roughly 45 minutes long, about a city villian who wants to make it into the Evil League of Evil, defeat his Arch-Nemisis Captain Hammer (corporate tool), and impress the girl of his dreams. Has many hilarious quotes, and a large fanbase.
"Did you see Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog yet?'
"Naw, dude, I was too busy"
"*shoots kneecaps off of the other guy*"
by Jykcor (you know, that guy) January 31, 2009
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A humorous web-based mini-movie musical starring Neil Patrick Harris and others.

Neil Patrick Harris plays the role typically seen as the bad guy (an evil genius) and fights Nathan Fillion, as Captain Hammer (the usual good guy), over a mutual love interest (Felicia Day, as Penny).
I just watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for the first time!
I'm buying the soundtrack.
by Haydoom December 21, 2008
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