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A rare cross between a Male Dachshund and a Female Pitbull Terrier. Almost never bred intentionally. Most people are stunned or incredulous when you tell them who the parents are. Typically referred to as "A Dachshund on Steroids" They weigh anywhere between 24-35 pounds. Typically shaped like a dachshund with the broad head of a pitbull. Great temperment overall. Very sociable with other dogs. They do not usually start fights...however, if another dog does start one, they won't back down either. If you manage to find one, covet them as they are really uncommon.
Person: Woah, That looks like a Dachshund on steroids! What is he/her?

Owner: A Dox-bull...A male Dachshund and a female Pitbull

Person: No WAY!! How is that possible?

Owner: Persistence...
by Dox-bull Owner February 10, 2011
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