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Downloadaphobia is the general fear of all things downloadable or act of an entity being downloaded.

This fear usually originates from users that have shared computers. A typical example is where the mother 'accidently' throws a brick through the monitor of the screen and blames it on a mysterious virus. A user will develop a fear of a potential virus and spend hundreds of dollars in protecting there computers from this. Ironically virus protection is downloaded so people that have this fear will develop downloadaphobia to an extremity and download nothing.

Most people suffer downloadaphobia to a certain degree.
People that may suffer from downloadaphobia tend to be half french and called Charlotte.
Typical user: y0 charlotte ma main home dawg go on and type in photoshop portable for free photoshop - everyone uses it and it's virus free

you - i know your a genius and all and im'a let you finish but is the biggest distributor of viruses of all time!

Typical user: okay.. how a bout GIMP? it's like photoshop but it's legit and free.

you - you seriously think im downloading something called


Charlotte Dimond - sorry im on a mac

Typical user: I think you have downloadaphobia ^__^
by Disturbings September 19, 2009
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