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1) Your garden variety douchebag that is shorter and has hairier feet than your average man.

2) A Dungeons and Dragons nerd type douchebag.
"Dude... Check out Douchebo Baggins over there in his Middle Earth attire... What a donkey..."
by Joey Bagodonuts July 24, 2009
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a male that is one of gayest dickfaced azz munkey little bitchasses you will ever meet.

he screams "MGAWA" at the top of his munkey lungs while in public places.

masturbates regularly to sailor moon and bob esponga.

a true dushawn mandick.

madeline: bruh what the fuck is he yellin.

Landon: nigga idk fuckin "mgawa" or some shit, hes such a douche bo baggins

madeline: word my nigga?

Landon: cheah son, gucci
by dookiebruhjohnsonfacenigga April 01, 2010
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