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Aptly describes the multiplication of Douchebags at a party your hosting. This exponential reproduction usually takes place via txt message or phone call.

Your party begins with 70 people you know and ends with 300 you don't.

Things that are often broken or defaced by those caught up in the douchebag effect include but are not limited to:

Broken Stairs
Broken Floors
Broken Fridges
Broken Windows
Broken Couches
Broken Tables
Broken Speakers
Blood on the walls
Towels used as Toilet Paper
Walls spray painted on
Windows tagged
Stolen Laptops
Stolen Ipods
Stolen Booze
The playing cards you were using to play drinking games with said douchebags in an attempt to make it somewhat enjoyable....... stolen.
Beds peed on
Fire hydrants broken and parts tossed onto your roof.
Nathan: "Hey Tom you recognize any of these 150 people in our living room?"
Tom: "Nope."
Ryan: "They stole my beer and broke our fridge."
Nathan: "Friggin douchebag effect."
by TheFormer360Boyz April 07, 2009
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