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A douchebag must wear or have 3 of the following:

1. Excessively combed hair
2. Sagging Pants
3. One of those combinations of baseball caps and winter hats
4. Unnatural jean colors (e.g red jeans)
5. Skinny jeans
6. Unnecessary skateboard shoes
7. Converses
8. Harry Potter style glasses
9. Backwards hat
10. A t shirt with a loose jacket
11. Or wear a loose-fitting cap

And must do two of the following.....

1. Play Lacrosse
2. Skateboard or Snowboard
3. Wear no shirt half of the time
4. Use hip hop speech (e.g. "yo")
5. Have one girlfriend per week
6. Walk like they have shit in their pants
7. Smoke marijuana
8. Have over 500 facebook friends
9. Wear an earing
10. Call everyone their "son"
Person A: Yo, you not sagging, you're violating the Douchebag Code of Conduct

Person B: Word Son, I'll fix that
by thoughtfultaco November 27, 2010
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