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A person (male) that is notorious for constantly leaving one girl and moving on to the next. A douchebag Asscrack is commonly will have lighter colored hair- maybe red or blonde.
He likes to spend a lot of time with bros whether it be at school or on a sports team like baseball or basketball. DBACs just dont spend enough time with girls to be able to understand them.

A douchebag asscrack is very full of himself and willing to take advantage of others, so a dbac will commonly be tall, thick, or both.

Avoid douchebag asscracks, for the douchebaggery asscrackery will catch up with you in a hurry. If a douchebag asscrack ever tells you he loves you, in a way that you might say it if someone offered you narcotics, JUST SAY NO!
DBAC- Hey guurrll i loove you soo much! we will be married some day!

Girl- :)

DBAC-Just kidding that girl over there is hotter

Girl- WTF

DBAC- Its not your fault im a douchebag asscrack! its just too much fun to quit!
by Homediggity playa June 23, 2011
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The nickname for a guy who lies constantly to his girlfriend then moves on to the next girl the same day they break up. Tricks girls into practically falling in love with him.

Will flirt with anyone willing to flirt with him. Plays the field too much. Moves on too quickly. Doesn't care about other peoples feelings.

Basically the name for every asshole ex boyfriend that every girl has to deal with.
Douchebag Asscrack talking to his girlfriend: I love you so much. I always will. You're so important to me.

A couple days after they break up....

DBAC: Sorry I've moved on. I have feelings for your best friend.
by ahahahfyou June 21, 2011
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