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DoucheTooth(noun)A phone accessory which generally goes in ones ear that lets everyone know you are a super important douche and way too busy for in-person human contact.
Jill: honey I have something really important to tell you. I ha..
Dave: (toggles Douchetooth and interrupts) Sorry babe I gotta take this.
Jill: your a f*ing douche
by Tombadill July 26, 2007
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a douche bag that talks extremely loud when talking on a blue tooth headset in a small space like an elevator
I hate when I'm stuck in an elevator with a douche tooth.
by onsluaght94 March 13, 2009
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The slang word for Blue Tooth. A small wireless device allowing people (mostly douches) to communicate on cell phones 24/7, making it look like they are talking to themselves. These people think they are awesome because they are so nifty with their headsets. But they are just douches.
Dude see that guy wearing a Douche tooth?? yeah he acted like i didnt exist as i helped him.
by Dhofstet777 March 20, 2008
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A douchebag walking around with a bluetooth head set on. Most likely having a conversation way too loud as he looks at you funny for listening to his phone call.
This guy walked up and starting talking to me. I responded but then he just stared at me and got upset that I was interrupting his call. Turns out he was on his douche-tooth.
by fossybear123 July 31, 2010
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wireless device inserted in one's ear to achieve a maxiumum level of obnoxiousness

Wireless device inserted in ones ear while walking around having a loud conversation about your high financial status instead of just holding the damn phone and talking in a normal tone.
As Joe got out of his yellow hummer he made sure to put his Douche Tooth in his ear so that everyone would know what an important bad ass he is.
by boredinoakley October 03, 2009
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Anyone who wears a Bluetooth ear piece, and/or drives like a fun

Is by default snobby, usually wearing a suit or a flat bill hat.
"That dude just cut me off."
"Yeah, look at him, he is on the phone because he's " douche-tooth.
by Kevly😉 May 20, 2016
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