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The clothing style made famous by Jon Gosselin
Look at all those rhinestones!That's what I call a Douche-Fit!
by Karmaic Justice April 22, 2010
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An outfit normally worn by douchebags that hang out at places that they don't belong. For example, your mom's birthday party, or your cousin's bah-mitzvah.

Douchefits can contain (but are not limited to) leather pants, platform shoes, spiked bracelets and choke-collars, wallet chains, concert t-shirts, jeans that are too small for you, things bought from Gadzooks mall stores, etc.
"Dude, yesterday at my cousin's graduation party, Camden (<--- douche name) showed up in a total douchefit thinking it would get him laid. What a fuckin' loser."
by MrMikeBinSch February 25, 2009
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