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One who thinks they are cool for calling out a douche bag but is actually even more douchey than the other guy.
Person 1: Yo check out that guy with aviators on he's such a douche
Person 2: I wouldn't be talking, douche puncher. You drive a Hummer.
by Max and Bobby and friends June 14, 2011
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A person that is a total ass all day, everyday. Has no consideration of anyone but him/herself. Can be seen douching around night clubs, spitting their nasty chewed gum onto the sidewalk outside of a nursing home, or dropping rusty nails into the sand of a local beach.

Orginally said by Ian Hecox, part of "Smosh".


Asshole, douchebag, asswipe, dickhead, highschool football player


Kind, decent, considerate, caring, Chuck Norris

Releated Words:
Douchebag, asshole, dickhead hipster bitch assface
Person 1. "Did you see that ass with his bare feet on the table at Starbucks?"

Person 2. "Yeah. What a douche puncher."
by The Kat. March 01, 2011
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