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Douche Prick is the best word to describe someone who is SO much worse than just a douche he is a mixture of both douchebag and prick. Use this word when you are angry but really need to hold back on the swear words. Perfect for public situations. If need be, you can shorten the word to just DP if children or unappreciative audiences are nearby.
1. That guy who wears pink popped collared shirts is such a douche prick!!

2. Your ex-boyfriend is such a douche prick!!

3. My boss is such a douche prick!!
by Douchepricked too many times September 11, 2009
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This word is the mix of a Douche and a Prick, suggesting they're both stupid and a total asshole!
"What's a Doucheprick?"
"Look it up, it'll say look at Alex!"
"Oh, definately!
by AllStar_Gummy_AAK April 27, 2010
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One who is a pansy and takes everything super personally. Prone to stalking love interests. They also believe they are on a higher level than those around them while actually having the constitution of a small woodland creature. They are also enough of a prick that would cry to mommy when something goes wrong or to a higher authority before taking care of a problem themselves.
John thinks he is sooo cool, so he is constantly stalking us sucking out the happiness with his buzzkill tendencies. If we tell him off, he is going to rat on us about everything he knows and h'es to sensitive to have a reasonable conversation. He is such a doucheprick!
by dunit697 April 10, 2012
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