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Any individual that is undoubtedly being an asshole via the internet just because he or she has the safety of being behind a computer instead of actually saying those most offensive things in person. They usually use intarwebz slang & improper english.

NOTE: See E-THUG for any additional description.
(Member on messaged board): I dont think thats true. I have to disagree

(Douche Cockosaurus): y0 foo! who u th4nk u iz, nigg@!? Mi g3o m3tr0 can do 11 secundz in a qwater mile. u aint g0t no commun since y0! i g0nna fAwk y0 mom and m4ke u watch me d0 it! STFU & GTFO!
by E. Jeezy September 25, 2008
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