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Any place or event where guidos, meatheads, skanks, business majors, hipsters, bankers, accountants, trust-fund asswipes, brokers, guys named "Hunter" or "Tanner" or "Cal" or "Chad" or "Logan," prius drivers, people who like LA, people who like Florida, frat bros, camo wearers, granolas, gold-chain wearers, "hustlers," Kanye fans, Nickelback fans, Texans, girls who flirt with bartenders, eurotrash, face painters, and anyone who watches reality shows meet up to drink or "party." Often sports bars, sports events, "clubs," Ed Hardy stores, or gyms.
Man I want to go to the gym, but it's 230 on a Saturday and the place is going to be a douche apocalypse.
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by Bill Dungsroman June 16, 2018
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