A trinket held by one person in World of Warcraft on Laughing Skull. This trinket makes you obsess out loot in game so bad that you make those around you want to stab them in the eye. Steer clear of the person holding this trinket and mute on vent to save yourself from hearing his banshee like cries for loot.
AKA Sanzol, Loganb, Amea

"I hate it when I loot"
"I've never vendored that before"
"I ice blocked 3 times in that fight"
"GUY GUYS!!!!!!"
"Horde, I'm dead" (full health)
"I'm the only jew on LS with the Douche Bag of the Loot Whore, teehee"
by Da Haters April 19, 2006
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