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Double-Dutch Butt Puss - A type of sex game in which you braid your partner's hair into pigtails, and proceed to have anal, then vaginal intercourse, followed by another round of anal and vaginal sex. Perform while jumping a counter-rotating jumprope held by two African-American women wearing Aunt Jemima dresses or Pilgrim-style clothing and buckle shoes. Perform outdoors on a blacktop basketball court, in scorching summer heat, when possible. You may also hire a naked white woman to play an accompanying "chun cha-cha chun" beat on a high-hat cymbal for the duration of the round of Double-Dutch Butt-Puss.
Bitch! Stop annoying me or we're gonna play a few rounds of Double-Dutch Butt-Puss!
by FlyingDutchman666 July 20, 2016
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