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A level of hype far superior to other levels of hype. This is the feeling people get after winning both showcases on the popular daytime television game show: The Price Is Right. It's an extremely rare occurrence on the television show, and one that would make any person stoked to the highest degree.
Darrius: Hey there, James. So tell me, why did I get so many texts from you last night containing only exclamation points?

James: Check this out, homie. So I met back up with that hot chick, Taylor, right? And we were getting ready go back to my place when that other chick Li shows up. So I got her to come back too.

Darrius. Unbelievable, man. I cannot believe that you managed to get two beautiful women to come back to your place. So please, continue your story. What did you manage to do afterwards?

James: Check it, I took them back to my place and nailed them both at the same time! I executed it like a champion and believe me, I was so fuckin' Double Showcase that I almost exploded in anticipation.
by DjTSilly November 07, 2011
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