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A Double Agent Troll is a troll who has two accounts for a community. These DA(double agent) Trolls will use one account to get to know the community. Participate in friendly debates. They are just regular members.

The other account is for trolling purposes only. Depending on the Troll themselves, they may use the Troll Account to add an opposite opinion to the Normal Account. But mostly they make rude comments to cause drama.
Man: Dude I was on this forum and I was Double Agent Trolling. It was hillarious.

Man2: I know its hillarious being a complete ass and then going on your other account to act the victim and flame yourself.
by Unit7 May 10, 2009
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A troll who is trolling but trys to hide his troll by being on the guy he's trolling's side!
Your best friend is trolling you, and you know it, so you decide to troll him without him knowing it, while he still thinks he is troling you. This is an example of a Double-Agent Troll.
by DaMasterTroll October 16, 2011
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