Meaning 'on the dot' - refering to a chronological timeframe.
A - mate what time we doing lunch
B - Oh 12 noon dotto today, tough day
by Luke L August 20, 2008
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An exclamation from a small person from Asian cultures such as japan that is screaming the word "dot"
On that banner, there is a pink polka dotto
by DottoOwl March 22, 2019
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Dotto- ignorantor stupid person;

one who lacks common sense. One who follows or imatates the foolish acts of others dotto's.

Dotto's can also go by the names of Martha, Mae, Eric,

Michelle, Fulton, Allysa, Tim , Robbie, Matt , Kyliee, Tasha, Hannah Leigh , Alicia, Heather, Bartley, and or Lynn.

Certain types of dotto's like to stick together.
I really hope that the gutter trash of Sellers just stay under their rocks today, we don't need to be dealing with all the dotto freaks round them parts!
by Amy Leake January 03, 2020
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